6 Adobe Photoshop CC Features You Have to Check Out

Looking for the right version of Adobe Photoshop can also consider Adobe Photoshop CC. This version is categorized as the latest release of Photoshop free seven-day trial. In this case, if you can’t find or purchase the full version of Adobe Photoshop CC, you can still be able to use the trial for free.

Later, we are going to show you that this trial version also includes some great features you can optimize. The features functionality proves good so that you can start to consider this version. The most popular feature offered by this version is creative cloud membership inclusion. This means cloud will help you a lot in the features optimization to get the big functionality.

Now let’s check out what this version offer in the following review:

6 Adobe Photoshop CC Features

  • Online Photo Editing

The first capability offered by Adobe Photoshop CC is online photo editing. Designed as one of the popular photo editing software, this version of Adobe enables you to edit the photos online. This way, you can just simply take the photos out of your desktop to the cloud and start editing the photos by manipulating color, fix the perspective and create advanced photo adjustment.

  • Online Photo Effects

The next capability you have to know about this version is the online photo effects. Through the cloud power, you can be able to create fantastic photos supported by Adobe’s online photo application. You can also enable your photo catalog to be available anywhere and anytime you want. This feature is slightly different from the Adobe Photoshop CS3 version.

  • Photo Editing Software

Fortunately, Adobe Photoshop CC offers photo editing software, too. This software will actually permit you to take the pictures to the next level using the most powerful photo editing software. The photo you are produced is aimed at Web, desktop, and mobile devices. In this case, you will be able to use the software no matter you are e beginner, intermediate or an advanced user since this software is easy-to-use and a friendly type.

  • Graphic Design Software

Don’t forget to check out the graphic design software, too. This is also other greatness that the future user has to know. Along with graphic design software, you are allowed to draw, paint, compose, and blend the photos. In short, you are empowered to make a striking artwork and graphic using the leading apps.

  • Creative Cloud Desktop App

The next feature offered by Adobe Photoshop CC to optimize just after installing the version is the creative cloud desktop app. This feature proved very well to allow you to manage the app updates, files and fonts as well as other capabilities.

  • Other Capabilities

Apart from the main and basic features above, Adobe Photoshop CC version has other useful capabilities including the 2GB storage, free mobile apps, file sharing features, and Adobe fonts. These capabilities also provide meaningful support to run the software version.


Conclusively, Adobe Photoshop CC is good to consider as one of the best photo editing software even though this version is a free trial. Using this free trial version of Adobe Photoshop, it is expected that you will trust the powerful capability of Adobe Photoshop software for photo editing.