Antivirus Software Functions and Requirements

If you want to be sure that you will be protected from any computer virus attack, you need to choose the right and appropriate antivirus software. The task may seem easy but it can be complicated and overwhelming, especially since you will have to narrow down your options from many to only one pick. If you still think that antivirus isn’t important, read on – you will see how important it is for your computer’s protection.

Antivirus Software

The Need of Antivirus

A computer virus can create such extensive damage that is difficult to repair. It can shut down an application. It can destroy and eliminate important data. It can damage your system. It can create internal damage that requires extensive (and also costly) repair. Basically, the virus can create such powerful damage that can lead to destruction.

If you think you are immune to a virus just because you have never downloaded anything or because you stay away from shady sites, be aware. The virus always finds new ways or loopholes so they can enter your system and attack. As long as you operate a computer and you stay connected to the internet then you will never be safe.

The Functions of the Antivirus

An antivirus is basically a program that can detect or identify suspicious files, folder, or activities. When the program detects it, they may quarantine it or delete it at once. By doing so, any suspicious files or folders can be filtered and then eliminate it even before they reach into your system and create damage.

Moreover, most antivirus programs will monitor the internet 24/7 and operate from the signature database. When they find new virus – or at least suspicious files, folders, or activities – they would index it, put it in the catalog, and then add it to the database. Every time it is updated, the information will be added to the database so the program will be ready to deal with it – and to tackle it when necessary. If you still think that you don’t need any antivirus software, think again. The software, after all, will be your first defense against any suspicious threat or malware. If you don’t have any antivirus or whatsoever, you are exposing yourself to risks and dangers.

Paid or Free Services?

Paid or Free Antivirus

Most antivirus software may offer a free service although they are also offering the paid service as well. What’s the difference? Well, naturally, the free service has very limited features. Although most users are okay with the limitation, you need to realize that features on the free service are nothing when compared to the paid one. Not only you can enjoy more features and benefits from the paid service, but they are often more advanced and sophisticated.

Smadav 2020, for instance, has a similar scheme. You can always enjoy the free service but you will get more if you are willing to spend extra for Smadav Pro, the paid version. It is up to you, really, whether you want to stick to the free one or go further with the paid service. After all, it is you who will directly gain benefits from the antivirus software.