How To Clear Spotlight Search History

Possessing iPhone or iPad must be allowing you to use Spotlight search without the exact way to clear the search terms. In this concern, we are going to share you how to clear Spotlight search history. Most iPhone users say that there is no alternative to clear the search history of the Spotlight traced on iPhone.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry since there is a workaround that can be very helpful for you to clean your Spotlight search history. Before we go further about the ways, you may take a look at the section describing Spotlight search on iPhone followed by the main section we are going to present, that is how to clear Spotlight search history.

How To Clear Spotlight Search History

  • About Spotlight Search on iPhone

First of all, you need to know more about the spotlight search, right? Well, A Spotlight is a simple method to discover anything practically on your iPhone or iPad. It is categorized as the best feature that allows you to search anything both on the internet and on your iPhone.

Spotlight search is very accessible. You need only to swipe down on the home screen, use the app and play the songs just by typing the song’s title in the search bar. Playing music this way is much easier and quicker than going to the music app on your iPhone. If you are a music lover, you must have this feature with tons of music or songs collection.

  • Steps to Clear Spotlight Search History

While it is stated that there is no definite way on how to clear Spotlight search history, there is an approach that may be possible to try. The following steps are the ones that you can try to apply to clear Spotlight search history on your iPhone. Now let’s have a look at the following steps given:

  1. Go to “Settings” and you may continue to select “General”. Next, try to find the option “Spotlight search”. When you find it, tap on it confidently.
  2. The second step is to toggle the switch near “Siri Suggestions” to “Off”.
  3. Thirdly, you may turn the “Off” position back to “On”.
  4. Turning the “off” position to “on” position will enable you to clear the Spotlight search history on your iPhone.
  5. As the last step to carry out, it would be better for you to take your Spotlight to seek screen back to its clean appearance.

Although there might not be a way on how to clear Spotlight search history, you can definitely play the settings on your iPhone. The five steps described above prove it right. You can try to apply the procedure more than once if you feel like you can’t make it.


Now you may come to the conclusion that the ways on how to clear Spotlight search history are quite easy and simple as long as you understand all the steps and make an effort to make it. You can find a feature on your iPhone very much useful like this one (Spotlight) and you can surely manage it, too.

2 Ways on How to Set Auto Reply Text Message iPhone

When it comes to being out of reach, you must try to find a solution how to set auto-reply text message iPhone, especially while you are driving, going on vacation, having a meeting, or simply unplugging for a while. It is to let the people who send you messages know that you are completely out of reach and unable to reply to them due to the situation. Thus, the auto-reply message will help you to reply to their messages automatically.

The feature of auto-reply message is usually built-in in the device such as iPad and iPhone to enable you to send the messages automatically. This is very flexible since it provides an easy way of telling the people about you.

How to Set Auto Reply Text Message iPhone

Now let’s check out how to set auto-reply text message iPhone in the following sections:

  • Setup Auto Reply Text Message in DND While Driving

The first common situation when you have to send the auto-reply text message is the time you are driving. DND stands for Do Not Disturb. Thus, you can send the auto-reply message of Do Not Disturb Mode while you are driving.

To activate the feature, you are required to go to Settings and follow the next steps below:

  1. On the settings, you will see the “Do Not Disturb” option. Select this option for sure.
  2. Just below the option “Phone”, please click on “Allow Calls From” and choose the option “No One”.
  3. The next step is to click on “Back” and select “Auto-Reply To” option.
  4. Select “All Contacts” option.
  5. The fifth step is to tap “Back” and tap on “Auto-Reply”.
  6. Now you should type in the message that you would like the callers or recipients to receive.
  7. As the next step, make sure that the option of “Do Not Disturb While Driving” is set to “Manually” to allow it to work out automatically based on your necessity.
  • DND While Driving in Control Setting

If you want to set Do Not Disturb While Driving in control setting as the second way on how to set auto-reply text message iPhone, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Open “Settings” and select “Control Center”
  2. Click on “Customize Controls”
  3. Click on “Plus Sign” near “Do Not Disturb While Driving” to change its location from the bottom to the top. The exact location is under the option “Include”. This is optional. You may click on it and drag it based on your personal preference.

Now that you have completed the steps, you need just to swipe to open the Control Center. Click on Do Not Disturb While Driving option if you are sure to use the automatic reply.


Out of the ways on how to set auto-reply text message iPhone you may infer in your mind that auto-reply message on iPhone is quite simple and easy to set up. All you need to is just opening the settings and follows all the suggested steps.

6 Adobe Photoshop CC Features You Have to Check Out

Looking for the right version of Adobe Photoshop can also consider Adobe Photoshop CC. This version is categorized as the latest release of Photoshop free seven-day trial. In this case, if you can’t find or purchase the full version of Adobe Photoshop CC, you can still be able to use the trial for free.

Later, we are going to show you that this trial version also includes some great features you can optimize. The features functionality proves good so that you can start to consider this version. The most popular feature offered by this version is creative cloud membership inclusion. This means cloud will help you a lot in the features optimization to get the big functionality.

Now let’s check out what this version offer in the following review:

6 Adobe Photoshop CC Features

  • Online Photo Editing

The first capability offered by Adobe Photoshop CC is online photo editing. Designed as one of the popular photo editing software, this version of Adobe enables you to edit the photos online. This way, you can just simply take the photos out of your desktop to the cloud and start editing the photos by manipulating color, fix the perspective and create advanced photo adjustment.

  • Online Photo Effects

The next capability you have to know about this version is the online photo effects. Through the cloud power, you can be able to create fantastic photos supported by Adobe’s online photo application. You can also enable your photo catalog to be available anywhere and anytime you want. This feature is slightly different from the Adobe Photoshop CS3 version.

  • Photo Editing Software

Fortunately, Adobe Photoshop CC offers photo editing software, too. This software will actually permit you to take the pictures to the next level using the most powerful photo editing software. The photo you are produced is aimed at Web, desktop, and mobile devices. In this case, you will be able to use the software no matter you are e beginner, intermediate or an advanced user since this software is easy-to-use and a friendly type.

  • Graphic Design Software

Don’t forget to check out the graphic design software, too. This is also other greatness that the future user has to know. Along with graphic design software, you are allowed to draw, paint, compose, and blend the photos. In short, you are empowered to make a striking artwork and graphic using the leading apps.

  • Creative Cloud Desktop App

The next feature offered by Adobe Photoshop CC to optimize just after installing the version is the creative cloud desktop app. This feature proved very well to allow you to manage the app updates, files and fonts as well as other capabilities.

  • Other Capabilities

Apart from the main and basic features above, Adobe Photoshop CC version has other useful capabilities including the 2GB storage, free mobile apps, file sharing features, and Adobe fonts. These capabilities also provide meaningful support to run the software version.


Conclusively, Adobe Photoshop CC is good to consider as one of the best photo editing software even though this version is a free trial. Using this free trial version of Adobe Photoshop, it is expected that you will trust the powerful capability of Adobe Photoshop software for photo editing.

How To Calibrate iPhone Battery [Step By Step]

Calibrate iPhone Battery

Although the iPhone has extraordinary battery life, with the bunch of apps and programs installed may shorten it. And regularly updating the iOS will also affect the battery. That’s why it’s important to strengthen its condition by calibrating the battery. Calibrating means to drain then recharge again periodically. This process will help the lithium-ion – material used in iPhone battery – to keeps its flow. To do that, follow these steps below on how to calibrate iPhone battery:

How To Calibrate iPhone Battery

  • Preparation Process

The first step in how to calibrate the iPhone battery is by preparing for the optimal process. In this stage, you have to disable some features and services. The reason is to keep the battery draining process is because of a few tasks only. Some features and services you have to disable such as location service, background refresh, and lower the brightness. You also have to turn off the automatic update menu to keep it from any updating process.

  • Drain the Power

Secondly, you have to drain the battery power until 0%. To drain it faster, go for online streaming with maximum volume is a good choice. But usually, every iOS device programmed to shut down with 2% – 3% remaining battery power for data safety purpose. To make sure the battery has drained completely, leave it be for at least 3 hours, but better it to be overnight.

  • 100% Charge

After making sure your iPhone has no power left, the third step on how to calibrate iPhone battery is by charging it. Here, you should use the original charger from Apple for an optimal process. And remember, while charging you have to make sure the device is off. Since iPhone will activate once your device connected to the charger, you have to turn it off manually.

Charge it until 100% and keep charging for at least 2 hours, because 100% battery is what the expected but the device can stand beyond that. Also, you have to charge it from a wall socket directly, not on a computer or some parallel plug. This to ensure your device get optimum charging. After you keep it charged over two hours, turn on your device while charging, then pull out from the charger.

  • Repeat

Then you have to repeat to drain the recharge your device again just like the last two processes. And since your device battery life is beyond 100%, live streaming is the best way to drain it in no time. You also have to follow the guides as explained before. Even if the process will take a long time, but stick to it. Once you get your device on again, you can enable the earlier disabled features and services. The last thing to do, check for your battery life expectancy and see if it changed.

Follow the steps on how to calibrate iPhone battery every once a while, especially after some major upgrade. This process will help to save the battery last longer. But if it doesn’t help, the only solution left is to head to the nearest Apple Store and get a new battery.

Antivirus Software Functions and Requirements

If you want to be sure that you will be protected from any computer virus attack, you need to choose the right and appropriate antivirus software. The task may seem easy but it can be complicated and overwhelming, especially since you will have to narrow down your options from many to only one pick. If you still think that antivirus isn’t important, read on – you will see how important it is for your computer’s protection.

Antivirus Software

The Need of Antivirus

A computer virus can create such extensive damage that is difficult to repair. It can shut down an application. It can destroy and eliminate important data. It can damage your system. It can create internal damage that requires extensive (and also costly) repair. Basically, the virus can create such powerful damage that can lead to destruction.

If you think you are immune to a virus just because you have never downloaded anything or because you stay away from shady sites, be aware. The virus always finds new ways or loopholes so they can enter your system and attack. As long as you operate a computer and you stay connected to the internet then you will never be safe.

The Functions of the Antivirus

An antivirus is basically a program that can detect or identify suspicious files, folder, or activities. When the program detects it, they may quarantine it or delete it at once. By doing so, any suspicious files or folders can be filtered and then eliminate it even before they reach into your system and create damage.

Moreover, most antivirus programs will monitor the internet 24/7 and operate from the signature database. When they find new virus – or at least suspicious files, folders, or activities – they would index it, put it in the catalog, and then add it to the database. Every time it is updated, the information will be added to the database so the program will be ready to deal with it – and to tackle it when necessary. If you still think that you don’t need any antivirus software, think again. The software, after all, will be your first defense against any suspicious threat or malware. If you don’t have any antivirus or whatsoever, you are exposing yourself to risks and dangers.

Paid or Free Services?

Paid or Free Antivirus

Most antivirus software may offer a free service although they are also offering the paid service as well. What’s the difference? Well, naturally, the free service has very limited features. Although most users are okay with the limitation, you need to realize that features on the free service are nothing when compared to the paid one. Not only you can enjoy more features and benefits from the paid service, but they are often more advanced and sophisticated.

Smadav 2020, for instance, has a similar scheme. You can always enjoy the free service but you will get more if you are willing to spend extra for Smadav Pro, the paid version. It is up to you, really, whether you want to stick to the free one or go further with the paid service. After all, it is you who will directly gain benefits from the antivirus software.

Activate iPhone Without SIM Card

How To Activate iPhone Without SIM Card

The first thing you want to do when buying a new iPhone is to activate it to see (and use) the features. To complete this stage, crucial thing you need is a SIM card. But what if you don’t have one at the moment? If it was the situation, here below are methods how to activate iPhone without SIM:

Activate iPhone Without SIM Card

  1. Activate iPhone Using iTunes

The first choice of the method how to activate iPhone without SIM is by utilizing the iTunes via computer. iTunes is designed for any iOS device and 100% safe as the software is also from Apple. To activate your iPhone, you have to run the iTunes program on the computer and follow the steps:

  • Connect your brand new iPhone to the computer and iTunes will automatically launch and detect the iPhone.
  • Select Set up as new iPhone then click Continue.
  • The window will display Sync with iTunes and you only need to click Get Started to start the synchronization process.
  • Once the process finished, detach the iPhone from the computer and complete the setup process via iPhone
  1. Activate iPhone Using R-SIM/X-SIM

An alternate way to activate iPhone when you don’t have any SIM is by using R-SIM or X-SIM. These are SIM adaptor that will help to activate your iPhone. Here are the steps you have to do:

  • First, insert R-SIM or X-SIM on the SIM tray.
  • Choose one of your specific cellular providers, and if there’s none choose input imsi.
  • Then you have to enter a code, for the IMSI codes you can find them on the internet based at your country.
  • After entering the code, choose your iPhone model type.
  • Following the process, you have to select the preferred unlocking method.
  • Restart your iPhone once all the process finished.
  1. Activate iPhone Using Emergency Call

The third method you can use to activate your new iPhone is by utilizing the emergency call feature. Such a strange way, but it has been proven as an effective method. It’s simple and more straightforward than the previous ones.

Firstly, after you powered the iPhone without a SIM, there will be a notification warning No SIM Card Installed. Later, press the home key and make an emergency call. You may dial to 911 and quickly disconnect when you hear the dial tone. And lastly, there will be a pop-up to cancel the call, click on that and ta-da your iPhone activated.

  1. Activate iPhone Using Jailbreak

Here’s a warning, only consider this method when all the previous options failed. In literal meaning jailbreaking is getting rid all the restriction from Apple as the creator of iPhone. The process will temper the internal setting and exploit the software, and most importantly it is time-consuming.

  1. Activate iPhone Using Friend’s SIM

Five methods above can help you on how to activate iPhone without SIM. We all know how the very first step is to activate it, whether with or without SIM. For some, maybe the task is impossible, but those five methods above will help.

Five methods above can help you on how to activate iPhone without SIM. We all know on how important it is to activate your device first before you can use it, whether with or without SIM. For some, maybe the task is impossible, but those five methods above truly a help.

Android Scanner Apps

Best Android Scanner Apps with High-Quality Scan

In some circumstances, you may have to face situations when you need to scan documents or pictures for certain reasons. However, you find that there is no scanner or printer with a scanner on any desks near you. In this case, you may have to spend unnecessary time to find a scanner which is not good at all because today there are various apps that you can use today for scanning. Below, we present some of the best document scanner apps that will help you a lot right from your handhelds. In fact, the apps that we recommend here can even provide you with excellent features for fast and quality scan results.

Best Android Scanner Apps

Clear Scanner

Clear Scanner is best to use for scanning into PDF. For sure, this Android scanner app can also scan to image in JPEG format. The reason why we recommend this one is because Clear Scanner is light enough, fast, and easy to use. Moreover, Clear Scanner is capable of bundling multiple pages into a single file in which you can reorder the pages. Regarding the cloud support, Clear Scanner supports Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. You can download the free version with most features to enjoy. However, if you think that you want, even more, you can also upgrade to the premium one.

Adobe Scan

Similar to Clear Scanner, Adobe Scan enables you to scan documents, notes, receipts, images, and many other forms directly from your mobile into PDF. This is one of today’s best document scanner apps which are easy to use and effective. Once your phone’s camera targets the document to scan, the app will automatically recognize the target and directly scan it. Interestingly, the built-in OCR allows you to reuse the scanned documents. In addition, this app is also equipped with some editing features like when you need to correct the color of the documents.


CamScanner is another option to consider. In general, this one has similar functions as the previous ones. You can scan various types of documents and images by using your phone’s camera and save the scanned materials into PDF or JPEG formats. The scanned documents can be tagged, stored in folders, and even shared into your social media. Moreover, you can also print the scanned documents via cloud printing service or simply fax them. Interestingly, CamScanner is equipped with a feature that allows you to set a passcode for viewing important files that you have to protect from the others. If you think that you are interested in using this user-friendly and feature-rich scanner app, download it now and be one of more 100 million users using the same app.

Those are the top three of the best document scanner apps that you can use for scanning documents from your handhelds. For sure, there are a lot more to find out there. However, by considering the three apps listed above, it will be easier for you to select one to use.

Two Methods to Update Brother Printer Driver

If you are a Brother printer user and you notice that this is the time to update your Brother printer driver, you need to remember that downloading and updating the printer driver are essential to make sure that your Brother printer performs perfectly. You know, new updates commonly come with essential improvements that will lead to better performance. The update can prevent irresponsive performance and even unwanted crashes. Well, there are (at least) two options that you can try when you need to download and update the printer driver. Let’s check them out.

Download from Brother Official Website

This option is one of the safest ways that you can choose when you need to download and update your Brother printer driver. In this case, you can simply find the latest update of your printer driver from the manufacturer. If you prefer this method, you can first visit the official website of Brother. Next, you can go to Brother Product Support Center to search for the product you have, in this case, your printer. Type your printer model in the ‘Search for Product’ and click the search icon. Or, you can also browse your product by finding the product type. Next, when you have found the correct product based on the specific model you have, you can click ‘Downloads’ to find the latest updates of the driver. You need to choose the Operating System (OS) you use under the ‘Downloads’ dialog. Next, you can click ‘Search’. Click the ‘Printer Driver’ under the ‘Drivers’ dialog and you can start downloading after you click Agree to EULA. When completed, you need to double-click the downloaded .exe file and follow the instructions given to complete the installation.

Update Brother Printer Driver via Device Manager

Another method that you can try to update your Brother printer driver is by updating it via Device Manager. You need to open Device Manager first. Please search for the information on how to open the Device Manager. Next, you need to find and expand Printers dialog. Right click on the Brother Printer Device you have. You can continue by clicking the ‘Update Driver Software’. Next, you can click ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’ and let Windows detect the update. You just need to follow the given instructions to complete the whole things. In addition, this method works only for Windows OS.

Well, those are two of various methods that you can try to update your Brother Printer driver. What we need to remind you regarding the update is that you have to make sure that you only refer to trusted sources when downloading the driver software. Further, it is also important to follow every step needed just to make sure you complete the update perfectly.

Is MacOS Better than Windows?

People said that Mac is better than Windows, is it true? The common saying is that Mac can run Windows but Windows cannot run MacOS. This statement is true, but let’s take a closer look first before you decide which one is better for you and what is most better technology OS.

What Makes MacOS superior?

MacOS as the operating system that runs any Mac products has been far more sophisticated than any other operating system. It is because of the ease it offers to the user. To know what kind of ease it offers, the following discussion might help you.

  1. No Manual Shortcut

Compared to the Windows when people need to customize what they like and put it on the desktop as their shortcut, MacOS doesn’t require such thing. Your favorite or most visited programs will set up in the desktop automatically.

As the time goes by, your MacOS will remember your preference and it makes you easier to operate any programs when your computer and you become a good working partner that knows you well and can tell you what you like and what you don’t.

  1. Security System

Virus intrusion hardly happens in MacOS as it has a top-notch security that absolutely distinguishes the other operating systems. Although the era has changed and virus traffic can be undeniably high, the defense brought by Mac has covered you from those. Nevertheless, the chance of getting infected is still there if you’re not careful enough in clicking the bait of the virus while browsing some sites. The role of the user presumably determines the security defense against the malware probability.

  1. The Built-in Programs

Mac offers a bunch of built-in programs that you still can customize. As the first statement at the beginning, you can also install Windows on Mac as you like since it is possible. It brings the exclusiveness in its software packages that already cover what you need from a computer including iTunes, iMovie, Garageband, Keynote, Maps, Pages, Photos, Numbers and so on.

Doesn’t Mean MacOS is Flawless

Within all the superiority that has just stated, MacOS has got its flaws as well. Despite the strength, durability, and defense that cover almost all of the works which it even can cooperate well with the user, MacOS has got its flaws in some ways just the same as other operating systems.

  1. The High Price

The most noticeable value of a Mac is its fantastic price. The Apple fans will surely claim that it is appropriate to have such high price considering the quality it offers to the user. And indeed, it is right. The high-end hardware and software of Mac have got no competitors since its only Mac that has got MacOS. This giant incorporated will never let any product meddle in any of its components. In other words, it is exclusive. Only the ones who dare to pay will have it.

  1. It isn’t for Gamers

As its presence aims for the executive ones, gaming doesn’t count in MacOS. There are certainly some games that are compatible with Mac, but it will not work as good as it works on Windows. Some games require a hardware upgrading and it only likely happens on Windows since it is way impossible to upgrade the Mac hardware.

  1. No Hardware Upgrades

Not only games that require the hardware upgrade on your computer, other programs likely require the upgrading and it will not work with Mac since everything has set and there’s no way changing it.

Windows is Superior in Some Ways

Until today, the operating system used most is Windows. Despite all the adds, the quality and the exclusiveness offered by Mac, Windows is still the one chosen by most population on earth. It has got some good points that Mac is the lack of.

  1. Familiar User Interface

Getting started your computer will be a lot easier when you know the places for all the programs you need. The more you get familiar with the certain user interface, the easier for you to work on your computer. As Windows is the most used operating system, you will find yourself learning it easily to the point where you are not sure if you’ve ever worked with other OS.

  1. Way Much Cheaper

You cannot get MacOS sold separately from Mac, however for Windows, you can just buy it and upgrade it if it happens to launch the latest version. If your need of a computer for a basic function such as checking e-mail, writing, and social media, you don’t have to spend that amount of money buying Mac, unless you are a graphic designer or video editor that needs the most high-end machine to do the work.

  1. Require Less RAM

Windows user sometimes experiences the computer’s lagging as it gets lower memory. Even so, this effect is not as bad as when a Mac lack of memory that will likely become a dangerous threat for the computer.

Windows Lacks in Some Aspects

Every operating system has got their own weakness, same goes for Windows. Despite its good points and customizable features which attract people, some weakness also gets people considerating more before getting their own Windows.

  1. Virus Threat

As the defense system is not as strong as Mac, the virus can easily enter the computer and ruin your programs. Prevention is still possible by installing an antivirus program. However, sometimes the antivirus only work for the certain virus but not for the others.

  1. Manual Shortcut

To make work gets done faster, you need a shortcut to programs you frequently access. If it’s Mac, you will get to that program soon after you open your computer since it’s already in the desktop. Unfortunately, Windows needs a quite more process before you get the program set on the desktop.

You Must Know these if You were Born Gamer!

Recently, technological developments are increasing rapidly, especially in the field of computers. At present, computer devices, either PCs or laptops, not only function as supporting productive activities, but also as entertainment media. One of them is a game feature on a computer.

Computer games have long been created. Over time, computer games increasingly gained popularity. This, of course, is inseparable from the history and development of the computer game itself.

The Development of Computer Games

Computer games were first released in the 70’s, more precisely in 1972. This also marked the beginning of the development of video games in general, both on computer and console platforms. After that, the development of video games did grow so rapidly. Many technology companies at that time released their own games.

In the 80’s, computer games entered their heyday, when people preferred to have computers rather than game consoles. This was caused by computer functions that can be used more widely; not only to just play games but can also be used to help with humanitarian work.

Entering the 90’s, computer games were increasingly rampant and able to compete with console games even today. Game developers will always release games for PC platforms in addition to various consoles. Furthermore, computer games have entered the next level where various games can be played online.

Computer Games Classification by Genre

If classified by genre, computer games can be divided into several general genres as below.

  • Action

As the name implies, action genre games prioritize gameplay that emphasizes action, so players are required to have high abilities and skills. Players must be able to take action and response quickly when dealing with opponents or obstacles. Basically, players must have reflexes, accuracy, and the right timing to complete the game level.

This action genre game is one of the pioneers in the world of gaming. Therefore, it is not surprising that its development has progressed so far, from the graphics perspective to the gameplay itself.

  • Role Play Games

At the Role Play Games, or commonly abbreviated as RPG, players are given the freedom to choose the characters and characters can also develop and have abilities that can be adjusted to the wishes of the players. What sets it apart from action games is that there is a leveling element, where each game character’s stats will increase along with the level increase.

In RPG games, players have the freedom to explore the world of games; therefore, RPG games usually carry the concept of the open world. In addition, players are not limited to completing existing quests. This means that players are free to finish any quest first, either playing quests or side quests first. In fact, some RPG games allow players to determine their own game ending.

  • Shooting Games

As the name suggests, this game focuses on shooting activities. Basically, this game consists of 2 sub-genres, namely first-person shooter (FPS) and third-person shooter (TPS). The difference between the two is the player’s perspective.

In FPS games, players play in the first person perspective. Therefore, the appearance of the characters in the FPS game usually only shows the hands and weapons held by the player. This FPS game requires the player to complete certain missions, which is certainly not free from shooting. Storyboards in FPS games usually tell about war or military operations. In some FPS games, players can also choose to become villain characters such as terrorists or rebels.

Meanwhile, TPS games use a third person perspective. So from this, usually in this TPS game, the player’s character is more visible because it is usually depicted in half body; not just the arms and weapons. The rest, this TPS game is similar to FPS, which is the player must complete certain missions, and so on. However, in terms of storyboards, TPS games are usually more widespread than FPS games.

  • Adventure

Sometimes people often switch between adventure games and action. Adventure games highlight the adventure side of a game rather than action. Players will explore forests, ruins of buildings, or even cities to complete missions. The mission certainly brings the storyline of the game which is the focal point of the adventure game.

  • Sport Games

Games with sports genres are sports games that are played in the form of video games, such as soccer games in EA’s FIFA series or Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer. Not only soccer, this sports genre game also carries other sports such as basketball, tennis, racing, and others.

  • Simulation

You could say in this simulation game, we play real life in video games. The simulation game presents the concept of everyday life in various fields to be played in the game. An example is the SimCity game where the player will act as the mayor who daily manages the city planning, starting from the establishment of the city on vacant land, development, and city management.

The Advantages of Computer Game

Lately, people prefer to play computer games rather than console games. This cannot be separated from the advantages possessed by computer games. Starting in terms of graphics, many people think that graphics on computer games are better than console games so that this can bring an impressive sensation and gaming experience. In addition, computer games are chosen by many people because the computer devices itself are universal platforms. In addition, in some locations, computer games are easier to obtain than games for consoles. This certainly has an impact on the number of enthusiasts of the game.