Best Apps for Writers to Boost Up Your Performance 

Best Apps for Writers

For a writer there nothing more important than the freedom to write anywhere and anytime. Thanks to the smartphone, now you can write anything on the phone. But, to keep up your good performance, you’ll need the best apps for writers.

In the present, writing becomes more comfortable for the writers. Be it reporters or novelists or scholars. And that because of the writing apps that you can download on your smartphone.

With those apps, you don’t need to write on the PC which is not flexible. Every time you have an idea, you can just write it in the apps. So, what’re the recommended apps for the writer? Let’s find out!

1. Google Docs

Google Docs

If you’re talking about the best apps for writers then there’s nothing that beats Google Docs. This app is specially made so you can write everything from fiction or nonfiction anywhere and anytime.

This free drivers and software have tools that a writer needs to write. You also don’t have to save because it’s automatically saved. So, when your phone suddenly turns off,  all of the things you write won’t go waste. However, you need an internet connection to use this app.

2. Evernote

When you get an idea, you should write it down quickly or else you will forget it. That’s why you need an app that can help you to take note of every idea you have, and Evernote is the best app for it.

Not only write the ideas, but you can also write an article. This app also has a dictational function, so you can change your voice note as text. To install this app on your mobile or desktop, you need to pay for it but you’ll get a free trial for 30 days.

3. Microsoft Word

These days, almost everyone knows about Microsoft Word. This app is very famous as the best writing app. Using this app, you can write your work comfortably because all of the tools you need are available in Microsoft Word.

At first, this app can only be downloaded on desktop but now you can get the mobile version on your smartphone. So, now it will be easier for you to write using Microsoft Word.

4. JotterPad


For those of you who love writing novels or screenplay, JotterPad is an app that you must install on your mobile. It is a plain text editor that can make you focus on your writing. Also, the features on this app are specially made for the writer’s convenience.

One of the JotterPad features is a phrase search that simplifies the writing time. Furthermore, you can also connect this app to your favorite cloud services such as Google Drive or DropBox.

5. Novelist

Like the name of the app suggests, Novelist is an app to help you to write good novels. This app has various features such as plot, write, organize, and schedule. With all of these features, creating a masterpiece will just wait for time.

Additionally, this app also supports Google Drive and has a rather high text editor. What makes the Novelist is the best app for writing novels is that you don’t have to pay any money to install this app. Yes, this app is totally free.

Without a writing app, writers can do their job well. Every app has its own characteristic and purpose, so you should choose the best apps for writers yourself.

Samsung Uflex Review – The Headphones You’ll Love

Samsung Uflex Review

It is advisable to read Samsung Uflex review if you want to have good quality in-ear headphones. If you are thinking about having headphones that can only be accessed through Bluetooth, then this one can be a great option.

The Good and Bad

There are some things that you should know about this headphone, including the good stuff as well as the bad one. If you want a wireless headphone, this one would be the right one for you. It also comes with a neckband along with in-line controls with each end. This is definitely a handy arrangement and construction that makes it comfortable and convenient for use. However, this headphone doesn’t have any 3.5mm jack. And you can only access it through Bluetooth.

But there are some positive things about the device. The packaging, for a starter, is quite nice and elegant. It comes in a book-look alike package that will show you the buds, the band, and the box filled with accessories. You can also find the manual there.

Design and Construction

Samsung Uflex Design

Some users are struggling with the non-contoured and big headphones with shallow ends. Although you will get two silicone tips in each package, some people don’t find them fit enough inside their ears – and the headphones can’t seal properly. It seems that such a construction isn’t for everyone – at least not for every ear. You may have to find your own foam tips or silicone tips as the ones provided for you may not cut for your ears.

But the Flex neckband is quite nice and supportive. Not only is it elastic, but it is also malleable. You can enjoy easy storage with it without having to worry about breaking it. The in-line controls can be found along the neckband’s ends. Since you won’t be able to see them while wearing the headphones, you will have to memorize their placement.

Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality, the headphones don’t disappoint. Based on the Samsung Uflex review, it doesn’t have any significant flaws currently. The response is nice, along with impressive clarity and solid detail. The perceived (sound) stage may feel a little blended and narrow, but that’s not a huge deal.

Wireless Mechanism

Wireless Mechanism

Since the headphones are the wireless types and they can only be operated with Bluetooth only, you need to charge them. You will need around 1.5 charging time – and when it is full, you have 10 hours of playing time and 250 hours of standby time. One of the winning factors of this device is the absence of background noise through the Bluetooth connection. Don’t underestimate it because it can be super distracting and annoying.

Sound Signature and Bass

When you use this, the sound quality feels round and warm – doesn’t feel harsh or disturbing. The bass may not be super great, but at least it is above the standard average. A lot of users say that it sounds good enough without losing pitch or tone.

If you want to read other reviews of other devices, you can go to Best AREight. Feel free to explore the site as you can get a lot of information and updates – not only about Samsung Uflex review but also other reviews.