How To Cancel Twitch Prime Free Trial Easily

How To Cancel Twitch Prime Free Trial

Twitch is one website to share any video live streaming only for gamers all around the world. You can also enjoy it on its application if you want to use the easiest way to open it. However, Twitch is one of the subsidiaries of a big company in this world, Amazon. But, you may need a prime account to have more access to this application. On the other hand, some people also asking how‌‌‌‌‌‌

Twitch succeeded in creating a lot of famous gamers from a few years ago. If you are a new member, you will get Twitch Prime for free. Twitch Prime is a membership that will receive premium services from Twitch.  You can get a lot of benefits like an exclusive emote or subscribe for free. But, when it expires, you should pay for it. That’s why you should know how to cancel Twitch Prime free trial before it expires. Here are the steps.

How To Cancel Twitch Prime Free Trial

1. Go to Amazon Website

The first step you should do is open in your browser. It is because your Twitch account is linked to your Amazon account. You can open with Google Chrome or another application browser. After that, if you are not automatically logged on, you should log in first. Click Account & List on the right of the windows and fill it with your username and password. Make sure you fill it with the account linked with your Twitch account.

2. Click Account & List

After you are logged in to your Amazon account, you should choose Account & List again. You can find it on the top of the window on your screen. If you click it, you will get some options and choose a drop-down menu. Your screen will show some services from Amazon. Be careful because if you did the wrong click you will go somewhere else. But don’t worry, you can turn back into the Amazon home page.

3. Find Twitch Account Settings

How To Cancel Twitch Prime Free Trial b

The next step you should do is scroll down until you find “Other accounts”. You should click Twitch account settings on there. It will show you a lot of options again like before. All you should do is find the purple button with the name “Unlink account” on the bottom. It will bring you to the last step to cancel your Twitch Prime free trial.

4. Choose Unlink this Twitch Account

Unlink Twitch Account from Amazon

Amazon will ask you once more are you sure to unlink your Twitch account with Amazon account. Make sure you don’t need the Twitch Prime features anymore before you do this. You will lose your premium access on your Twitch and it can harm you. Choose unlink this Twitch account with a purple box if you are sure to delete it.

Well, these are 4 steps on how to cancel Twitch Prime free trial for you. I hope you can think about it before you do it because you will lose a lot of advantages. These may be a little bit hard and confusing but I think you can do it if you read it carefully.

How To Write Instagram Captions Like Powerful Headlines

Write Instagram Captions

Which one you will choose, using a blog or IG? Each people have a different answer, depend on what they most refer to. Nevertheless, the function of both social media is generally the same. They’re aimed to make us popular. What makes them different is the technique you can apply. At the blog, you use the headline and at IG, you use captions instead. However, is there any different effect between the two? Which one is best? See what we’ve got for you.

Instagram or Blog, Which Is The Best For Popularity?

Blog, or we can also call it “site”, is the eldest social media ever there. Decades ago, people used blogs to share their thoughts. Today, blogs are being used to do many profitable things, such as advertising and introduce new products. Years after blog popular, IG was born. Until now, this social media is the most favorite one. The more attractive your post on IG, the higher it’s potential to become famous.

Instagram or Blog

However, which is the best to become popular? If you think the quantity is more valuable, then IG is the best choice. You can get immediate followers on IG, but you also have a thousand competitors could take your followers away. It’s different when you use a blog. Your visitors come because they find something interesting in you. And if you can satisfy them, they’ll love you forever.

The Power of Blog Headlines and Instagram Captions

Each blog and IG has its own power. Your blog will invite more visitors if you use the right headlines. Meanwhile, IG has captions. There are very many styles to write a caption. As long as the caption could engage the followers, it doesn’t matter if you use any captions you desire.

The point is, blog and IG popularity depends so much on headline and captions. If you write a good headline and caption, your audiences will 90% like your post.

The Different Between Headlines and Captions

We’ve mentioned that headlines and captions have the same power in its area. The next question: is there any difference between the two?

Literally, the answer is yes. The headline is used to highlight while the caption is to summarize. However, it’s not quite different in technical. To write a good caption that increases popularity, you must be as concise as when you write the headline. Make sure your followers get what you say and why you say that.

Why Write Captions Like Headlines?

Great question. Why on earth you have to write Instagram captions as powerful as headlines?

Nowadays, most people don’t like to read. They’re fond of getting information from videos or pictures, but don’t like reading. If you’re babbling on the captions, you’ll get the followers tired. Or worse, they would think you’re boring. Don’t want that happen, right?

How To Write Instagram Captions Like Powerful Headlines

Last but the most important. To write captions like powerful headlines, you need to follow these steps:

  • Arrange what you want to express inside mind first. Choose the most important things you want to share.
  • Find the simplest yet clearest way to write your thoughts.
  • Don’t use more than 50 words. It’s best if you can write captions with 15 – 25 words only.

That’s all about writing Instagram captions like powerful headlines. Use the tips right now and see how it increases your likes and followers.

Two Methods to Update Brother Printer Driver

If you are a Brother printer user and you notice that this is the time to update your Brother printer driver, you need to remember that downloading and updating the printer driver are essential to make sure that your Brother printer performs perfectly. You know, new updates commonly come with essential improvements that will lead to better performance. The update can prevent irresponsive performance and even unwanted crashes. Well, there are (at least) two options that you can try when you need to download and update the printer driver. Let’s check them out.

Download from Brother Official Website

This option is one of the safest ways that you can choose when you need to download and update your Brother printer driver. In this case, you can simply find the latest update of your printer driver from the manufacturer. If you prefer this method, you can first visit the official website of Brother. Next, you can go to Brother Product Support Center to search for the product you have, in this case, your printer. Type your printer model in the ‘Search for Product’ and click the search icon. Or, you can also browse your product by finding the product type. Next, when you have found the correct product based on the specific model you have, you can click ‘Downloads’ to find the latest updates of the driver. You need to choose the Operating System (OS) you use under the ‘Downloads’ dialog. Next, you can click ‘Search’. Click the ‘Printer Driver’ under the ‘Drivers’ dialog and you can start downloading after you click Agree to EULA. When completed, you need to double-click the downloaded .exe file and follow the instructions given to complete the installation.

Update Brother Printer Driver via Device Manager

Another method that you can try to update your Brother printer driver is by updating it via Device Manager. You need to open Device Manager first. Please search for the information on how to open the Device Manager. Next, you need to find and expand Printers dialog. Right click on the Brother Printer Device you have. You can continue by clicking the ‘Update Driver Software’. Next, you can click ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’ and let Windows detect the update. You just need to follow the given instructions to complete the whole things. In addition, this method works only for Windows OS.

Well, those are two of various methods that you can try to update your Brother Printer driver. What we need to remind you regarding the update is that you have to make sure that you only refer to trusted sources when downloading the driver software. Further, it is also important to follow every step needed just to make sure you complete the update perfectly.