Disable Skype On Windows 10 and How to Uninstall It

Disable Skype On Windows 10

Why do you want to know how to disable Skype Windows 10? So, you had installed Skype which was very useful and handy, but once it activates itself automatically as your background, it can be a nightmare. Not only is it quite terrifying in a way, but it also consumes a lot of resources and energy (from the disk, the memory, the CPU, etc). So, what should you do when you want to stop the app from automatically starting itself?

Task Manager

Not many people realize that Skype uses tons of resources than the app should have. If you want to keep the app but stop it from automatically starts itself, then you can access the Task Manager and manage it. Here are the steps on how to disable Skype Windows 10:

  • Open Task Manager – you can find it easily on Windows 10.
  • When the window opens, the default one would be Process. But if you want to disable Skype, go to Startup.
  • Choose the Startup tab. Scroll down the options until you find Skype icon
  • Click one so the cursor would go on the row. Then right-click to choose Disable
  • You’re done. You can try starting off your computer again and see that Skype won’t activate itself automatically

You may want to pay closer attention to apps with Enabled status. You can find them within the Status column. It is highly likely that they are pre-installed, similar to Skype. In case you don’t want them to automatically run, disable them. The less service or program on the startup list, the faster the PC will run.

Uninstall Skype

You’ve found the way to disable the app without removing it from the system. But how about uninstalling it completely? You can do it but make sure that you aren’t using it. There are several ways to uninstall the app completely.

  • Control Panel

Uninstall Skype

This is considered the easiest way to uninstall all kinds of apps – Skype included. With this method, it would be impossible to delete other programs accidentally. Let’s say that you have several similar apps, such as Skype and Skype for Business. When you want to remove Skype, uninstalling it from Control Panel won’t remove Skype for Business. The steps are:

  • Open Control Panel. Find Uninstall a Program on the bottom side on the left. Click on it
  • You’re done. You should get a prompt after the uninstallation happens

Skype (Directly)

This method is applicable if you know the (Skype) file kept within the PC. If you do, then you can directly uninstall it. In most cases, the file is generally stored within the Programs folder. Don’t uninstall the one you see on the Desktop. It is only the shortcut – not the actual file.

You can do this by typing Skype within the search bar. When it pops-up, you only need to right-click on it and choose Uninstall. This is applicable for the Skype that comes from Microsoft Store or the installer you download from Skype.com

  • Settings

Go to the search box and then type Program. You will see the option Add or Remove Program – click on it. Once you do it, you should click Apps and Features and then scroll down to find the Skype app. If you have more than one app, this action will show you all of them. Choose the one that you want to install, and then press the Uninstall button.

As you can see, uninstalling or disabling the app isn’t difficult at all. Now that you already know how to disable Skype Windows 10, you simply choose one that is convenient for you.