How To Calibrate iPhone Battery [Step By Step]

Calibrate iPhone Battery

Although the iPhone has extraordinary battery life, with the bunch of apps and programs installed may shorten it. And regularly updating the iOS will also affect the battery. That’s why it’s important to strengthen its condition by calibrating the battery. Calibrating means to drain then recharge again periodically. This process will help the lithium-ion – material used in iPhone battery – to keeps its flow. To do that, follow these steps below on how to calibrate iPhone battery:

How To Calibrate iPhone Battery

  • Preparation Process

The first step in how to calibrate the iPhone battery is by preparing for the optimal process. In this stage, you have to disable some features and services. The reason is to keep the battery draining process is because of a few tasks only. Some features and services you have to disable such as location service, background refresh, and lower the brightness. You also have to turn off the automatic update menu to keep it from any updating process.

  • Drain the Power

Secondly, you have to drain the battery power until 0%. To drain it faster, go for online streaming with maximum volume is a good choice. But usually, every iOS device programmed to shut down with 2% – 3% remaining battery power for data safety purpose. To make sure the battery has drained completely, leave it be for at least 3 hours, but better it to be overnight.

  • 100% Charge

After making sure your iPhone has no power left, the third step on how to calibrate iPhone battery is by charging it. Here, you should use the original charger from Apple for an optimal process. And remember, while charging you have to make sure the device is off. Since iPhone will activate once your device connected to the charger, you have to turn it off manually.

Charge it until 100% and keep charging for at least 2 hours, because 100% battery is what the expected but the device can stand beyond that. Also, you have to charge it from a wall socket directly, not on a computer or some parallel plug. This to ensure your device get optimum charging. After you keep it charged over two hours, turn on your device while charging, then pull out from the charger.

  • Repeat

Then you have to repeat to drain the recharge your device again just like the last two processes. And since your device battery life is beyond 100%, live streaming is the best way to drain it in no time. You also have to follow the guides as explained before. Even if the process will take a long time, but stick to it. Once you get your device on again, you can enable the earlier disabled features and services. The last thing to do, check for your battery life expectancy and see if it changed.

Follow the steps on how to calibrate iPhone battery every once a while, especially after some major upgrade. This process will help to save the battery last longer. But if it doesn’t help, the only solution left is to head to the nearest Apple Store and get a new battery.