How To Cancel Twitch Prime Free Trial Easily

How To Cancel Twitch Prime Free Trial

Twitch is one website to share any video live streaming only for gamers all around the world. You can also enjoy it on its application if you want to use the easiest way to open it. However, Twitch is one of the subsidiaries of a big company in this world, Amazon. But, you may need a prime account to have more access to this application. On the other hand, some people also asking how‌‌‌‌‌‌

Twitch succeeded in creating a lot of famous gamers from a few years ago. If you are a new member, you will get Twitch Prime for free. Twitch Prime is a membership that will receive premium services from Twitch.  You can get a lot of benefits like an exclusive emote or subscribe for free. But, when it expires, you should pay for it. That’s why you should know how to cancel Twitch Prime free trial before it expires. Here are the steps.

How To Cancel Twitch Prime Free Trial

1. Go to Amazon Website

The first step you should do is open in your browser. It is because your Twitch account is linked to your Amazon account. You can open with Google Chrome or another application browser. After that, if you are not automatically logged on, you should log in first. Click Account & List on the right of the windows and fill it with your username and password. Make sure you fill it with the account linked with your Twitch account.

2. Click Account & List

After you are logged in to your Amazon account, you should choose Account & List again. You can find it on the top of the window on your screen. If you click it, you will get some options and choose a drop-down menu. Your screen will show some services from Amazon. Be careful because if you did the wrong click you will go somewhere else. But don’t worry, you can turn back into the Amazon home page.

3. Find Twitch Account Settings

How To Cancel Twitch Prime Free Trial b

The next step you should do is scroll down until you find “Other accounts”. You should click Twitch account settings on there. It will show you a lot of options again like before. All you should do is find the purple button with the name “Unlink account” on the bottom. It will bring you to the last step to cancel your Twitch Prime free trial.

4. Choose Unlink this Twitch Account

Unlink Twitch Account from Amazon

Amazon will ask you once more are you sure to unlink your Twitch account with Amazon account. Make sure you don’t need the Twitch Prime features anymore before you do this. You will lose your premium access on your Twitch and it can harm you. Choose unlink this Twitch account with a purple box if you are sure to delete it.

Well, these are 4 steps on how to cancel Twitch Prime free trial for you. I hope you can think about it before you do it because you will lose a lot of advantages. These may be a little bit hard and confusing but I think you can do it if you read it carefully.