Is Bluestacks Legal To Use, Here Is The Proof

Is Bluestacks Legal To Use

Is Bluestacks legal? That question often arises among people who like to use emulators. Bluestacks is an android emulator application that has been around since October 2011. Although many people use the application and love it, there are still people who doubt its negligence. For this reason, here is some evidence that Bluestacks is legal to use.

1. Made by the American Technology Company

Bluestacks is a technology company in America that makes this android emulator application. The goal is that PCs with Microsoft Windows or Mac OS can use the Android application. Rosen Sharma is the CEO who built this company in 2011 in San Francisco, California.

Of course, this can be proof that Bluestacks is legal to use. Moreover, a large company will not be able to make applications that are reckless and not legal. Therefore, the company provides an official website so people can safely download it directly from their website.

2. Bluestacks is Safe from Viruses and Malware

Bluestacks is Safe

This android emulator application is a phenomenal application and already has many users. Bluestacks company has conducted a security test of this application and the results are 100% clean of antivirus. Of course, this can answer people’s curiosity about the question “is Bluestacks safe?”. The answer is, of course, Bluestacks is safe to use.

Even some antiviruses such as Avast Antivirus Clean, BitDefender Clean, AVG Antivirus Clean, Kaspersky Clean, and Comodo Clean show that Bluestacks is clean. Therefore it can be proven that there are no viruses, malware, trojans, or spyware in the Bluestacks Application. Therefore, this can answer the people’s curiosity about “is Bluestacks legal?”.

3. Application of Investment Results of Several Large Companies

Bluestacks has a unique function which is to make an android application that can be used on a PC. Because of its uniqueness, many large technology companies are interested in investing. Some of these companies are AMD, Intel, Qualcomm, and Samsung.

Therefore, this is proof that Bluestacks is very safe and legal to use. Of course, these large companies want to invest to make applications that are not quality. So this can certainly answer some people’s questions about “is Bluestacks legal?”.

4. The First Emulator to Have a High Security and Privacy Policy

Security is the most important thing that people always pay attention to when using an application. Not only is the application clean of viruses and malware but also for privacy policies. As a large technology company, Bluestacks strives to provide the best for all users.

One way is to provide an appropriate privacy policy. Bluestacks even safeguards personal information for each user so they can use it peacefully. It is certain that all the information that you send to the Bluestacks application will be safe so that others cannot identify it. Therefore, Security owned by Bluestacks can be the answer to the question “is Bluestacks legal?”

That was some evidence that can prove that the Bluestacks application is legal and safe. That’s why many people like the application and continue to use it until now. Not only because of its unique function but this application was made by a large company from America. Even some other large companies believe in investing in this application.