Is MacOS Better than Windows?

People said that Mac is better than Windows, is it true? The common saying is that Mac can run Windows but Windows cannot run MacOS. This statement is true, but let’s take a closer look first before you decide which one is better for you and what is most better technology OS.

What Makes MacOS superior?

MacOS as the operating system that runs any Mac products has been far more sophisticated than any other operating system. It is because of the ease it offers to the user. To know what kind of ease it offers, the following discussion might help you.

  1. No Manual Shortcut

Compared to the Windows when people need to customize what they like and put it on the desktop as their shortcut, MacOS doesn’t require such thing. Your favorite or most visited programs will set up in the desktop automatically.

As the time goes by, your MacOS will remember your preference and it makes you easier to operate any programs when your computer and you become a good working partner that knows you well and can tell you what you like and what you don’t.

  1. Security System

Virus intrusion hardly happens in MacOS as it has a top-notch security that absolutely distinguishes the other operating systems. Although the era has changed and virus traffic can be undeniably high, the defense brought by Mac has covered you from those. Nevertheless, the chance of getting infected is still there if you’re not careful enough in clicking the bait of the virus while browsing some sites. The role of the user presumably determines the security defense against the malware probability.

  1. The Built-in Programs

Mac offers a bunch of built-in programs that you still can customize. As the first statement at the beginning, you can also install Windows on Mac as you like since it is possible. It brings the exclusiveness in its software packages that already cover what you need from a computer including iTunes, iMovie, Garageband, Keynote, Maps, Pages, Photos, Numbers and so on.

Doesn’t Mean MacOS is Flawless

Within all the superiority that has just stated, MacOS has got its flaws as well. Despite the strength, durability, and defense that cover almost all of the works which it even can cooperate well with the user, MacOS has got its flaws in some ways just the same as other operating systems.

  1. The High Price

The most noticeable value of a Mac is its fantastic price. The Apple fans will surely claim that it is appropriate to have such high price considering the quality it offers to the user. And indeed, it is right. The high-end hardware and software of Mac have got no competitors since its only Mac that has got MacOS. This giant incorporated will never let any product meddle in any of its components. In other words, it is exclusive. Only the ones who dare to pay will have it.

  1. It isn’t for Gamers

As its presence aims for the executive ones, gaming doesn’t count in MacOS. There are certainly some games that are compatible with Mac, but it will not work as good as it works on Windows. Some games require a hardware upgrading and it only likely happens on Windows since it is way impossible to upgrade the Mac hardware.

  1. No Hardware Upgrades

Not only games that require the hardware upgrade on your computer, other programs likely require the upgrading and it will not work with Mac since everything has set and there’s no way changing it.

Windows is Superior in Some Ways

Until today, the operating system used most is Windows. Despite all the adds, the quality and the exclusiveness offered by Mac, Windows is still the one chosen by most population on earth. It has got some good points that Mac is the lack of.

  1. Familiar User Interface

Getting started your computer will be a lot easier when you know the places for all the programs you need. The more you get familiar with the certain user interface, the easier for you to work on your computer. As Windows is the most used operating system, you will find yourself learning it easily to the point where you are not sure if you’ve ever worked with other OS.

  1. Way Much Cheaper

You cannot get MacOS sold separately from Mac, however for Windows, you can just buy it and upgrade it if it happens to launch the latest version. If your need of a computer for a basic function such as checking e-mail, writing, and social media, you don’t have to spend that amount of money buying Mac, unless you are a graphic designer or video editor that needs the most high-end machine to do the work.

  1. Require Less RAM

Windows user sometimes experiences the computer’s lagging as it gets lower memory. Even so, this effect is not as bad as when a Mac lack of memory that will likely become a dangerous threat for the computer.

Windows Lacks in Some Aspects

Every operating system has got their own weakness, same goes for Windows. Despite its good points and customizable features which attract people, some weakness also gets people considerating more before getting their own Windows.

  1. Virus Threat

As the defense system is not as strong as Mac, the virus can easily enter the computer and ruin your programs. Prevention is still possible by installing an antivirus program. However, sometimes the antivirus only work for the certain virus but not for the others.

  1. Manual Shortcut

To make work gets done faster, you need a shortcut to programs you frequently access. If it’s Mac, you will get to that program soon after you open your computer since it’s already in the desktop. Unfortunately, Windows needs a quite more process before you get the program set on the desktop.