Things about Roblox You Have to Know!

Technological development seems to be endless. Progress in the field of technology, including in the world of gaming continues to produce new breakthroughs that are so impressive. If in the past we could only play games, then now we can develop our own games without having to be an expert in the field of IT or programming because we can use Roblox. If you were born gamer, you can try Roblox. On this occasion, we will try a little to discuss about Roblox along with interesting features that Roblox has as one of the pioneers of the sandbox creator game.

What is Roblox?

You could say Roblox is a game to create games. At first glance, it sounds confusing, but the reality is like that. Roblox is a kind of application that allows users to create their own games using the Roblox Builder Kit.

This builder kit is very simple and easy to learn. Roblox presents the ‘create game’ feature to develop our own games, using templates that are already available. In addition, we can also share our games with thousands of other users so that they can be played widely.

Actually, Roblox itself is not a new thing for game lovers. Roblox was first launched in 2006 under Roblox Corporation. At first, Roblox can run on Windows and Mac PC platforms. Along with its development, Roblox is now available for other platforms, iOS, Android, and game consoles.

As a sandbox creator game, Roblox presents sophisticated features, but it’s still easy to learn. Unlike other sandbox creator games, Roblox allows users to do their own coding on their homemade games so that the programs in the game can be more customized according to the user’s creations and desires. In addition, there are also various genres of templates on Roblox, including RPG, FPS, Racing, and so on.

Accessible Anywhere

As we have discussed a little earlier that Roblox can function on a variety of operating systems, such as Windows, MacOS, and Android. This certainly allows Roblox to be accessed from anywhere and anytime to be able to enjoy the exciting adventure of playing the game from Roblox.

A Bunch of Games for Worldwide User

Thanks to the share feature on Roblox, users can play thousands of games created by other users from various parts of the world. We can enjoy exciting games with various other user-made game genres that they have shared.

We can also share our homemade games. We can share tips, tricks, suggestions, and input with thousands of other Roblox users. Furthermore, Roblox is also able to be a place for beginners in the game developing field to share experiences.

Build Your Own Game!

Roblox allows users to do more than just play games. With the builder kit that Roblox has, users can build their own dream game with various features in it. There are lots of game templates on Roblox to be developed by users into games that are worth playing by thousands of other Roblox users.

Furthermore, Roblox also facilitates its users who are more proficient in the IT field to include their own coding in their games, so they can produce more varied games. This is, of course, a more distinctive value owned by Roblox but not owned by rival sandbox game creators.

There are so many game templates, which include the storyline, gameplay, and game genres that users can use to develop their games. This, of course, allows users to create so many games even from the templates provided.

In addition, this feature can also be enjoyed for free. Even so, users can also make in-app purchases using real cash which will later be converted into Roblox currency, otherwise known as Robux. Later on, the balance can be used to buy various equipment or game items such as avatars or other useful items.

Installing Roblox

Because Roblox is available for various platforms and operating systems, installing Roblox will depend on the device we use. However, overall, the stage of Roblox installation is very easy.

For the PC platform, we can download Roblox for free from the official Roblox website. We only need to download Roblox and follow the instructions given. Meanwhile, for mobile platforms, Roblox is available in application markets such as Play Store and App Store.

In addition, to use Roblox we also need to register. We can do this registration on the official Roblox website by filling in the registration form. This stage is not difficult either. We only need to fill in your username, password, and date of birth to become a Roblox user. After we have a Roblox account, we can play thousands of available games and make our own games using the Roblox Kit Builder.

That’s a little review that we can give about Roblox. A simple game builder application that offers powerful features that is very interesting for you to try. Various facilities and experiences offered are certainly the main attraction of Roblox.